ELEGANZZA - Italian accessories.

The ELEGANZZA brand was officially registered in 1991, in one of the numerous fashion capitals - the city of Florence (Italy). The brand belongs to the Italian Fashion House ELEGANZZA.

The visual symbol of the brand is an antique mosaic that reflects the ideology of the brand. Philosophy ELEGANZZA - accessories, like details of a mosaic, create an impeccable image of a modern resident of a large city.

Since March 2014 the creative director of the Fashion House has become the famous Italian designer of accessories and a master of leather business - Claudio Biasia. Thanks to his work, the whole world knows a brand like Francesco Biasia. Later, Claudio participated in the development and promotion of the brand Braccialini.

The uniqueness of ELEGANZZA collections is that they are developed in the concept of Total Look - in a single style, thereby creating a complete image. Fashion House ELEGANZZA - one of the few companies that form their collections on this principle. The kit is built from any set of accessories. Each product line (bags, gloves, handkerchiefs, umbrellas) complements each other.

A woman in the style of ELEGANZZA - effective, purposeful, charismatic and attractive. For her, style and elegance are more important than fast fashion.

The ELEGANZZA boutique is a style area where you can choose a ready-made design solution or create an image individually. Fashion accessories, stylish interior and high class of service justify the expectations of discerning fashionistas, and they come back again and again.



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