New shoe season in RESPECT
Respect opens a new shoe season and presents a collection of shoes and accessories Fall 2018.
The basis of the collection consists of classic models of shoes, ankle boots and half shoes, made in a restrained color scheme. Black, blue, gray and color of bitter chocolate - muted shades of the autumn palette will become a universal addition to everyday and solemn images.
Fashion-direction of the collection is represented by loffers and shoes, decorated with fur, rhinestones, belts and buckles. Trend on accent decor does not give up its positions for the second consecutive season. Vivid details lead the shoe to the leading role of the image and set the overall mood of the outfit.
This corresponds to the general trend of recent years - the blurring of the boundaries between everyday clothes and outfit. To make an office "bow" in the evening it is enough just to change shoes. One moment - and you are ready to go to an exhibition or a theater. With Respect, fashionable premieres - every week!

For men, the designers of Respect prepared a wide range of semi-shoes - from the classic Oxford to the fashionable monk and brogues. Particular attention is paid to the color and texture combination: apart from the usual black and brown, the collection features blue, bottle-green and even burgundy colors, and lacquered leather inserts and bragging emphasize the high quality of the materials. Colored shoes are a boring way to turn the everyday image into more solemn and stylish.   Shoes Respect - this fidelity to the style regardless of place and time. Shoes Respeсt - comfort in an elegant form.


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